Stoney Mountain Gun Repair has been in the gun repair business for over 50 years and can repair, refinish or build you a gun of your choice.
Stoney Mountain has two full-time gunsmiths that are very experienced in all type weapons from hand guns to fully automatic weapons.

We build guns, repair guns, restore old weapons, repair broken stocks, build original and custom stocks, sell obsolete parts, make unavailable parts for old weapons. Want a custom build or a wild cat we can assist you.

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Top brands

Gun Repair in Laveen AZ

Over 50 years in the Business

Stoney Mountain Gun Repair has been in business for over 50 years and in the same location for 35 years and has turned out all types of repairs and rebuilt and repaired weapons over the years. We are not parts changers as some shops are we actually do physical repairs to your weapons and alterations that are desired and legal under the law. We repair fully automatic weapons with the proper paper work accompanying them.

If you want your gun repaired and done right bring it to Stoney Mountain Gun Repair in Laveen AZ We are shooters as well as gunsmiths

Our office hours are:8 AM to 3:00 PM Mon thru Friday Sat 9 AM till Noon No appointment needed during business hours You can reach us via phone 602-237-3117 or by text 602-290-2257 or by email or by filling out the request form on this site.


Folks this is not only the best gunsmith in the v alley but as far as we are concerned they are the only ones that do what they tell you they are going to do . Up until about 11 years ago I visited many so called gunsmiths around the valley and when I found Stoney Mou8ntain Gun Repair 11 years ago I have been to no one else since. Their head gunsmith has been in the business for over 50 years and he calls tell you what is wrong with you gun before he even tears it down. The thing that most intrigued me about Stoney Mountain not only can they do the gun repairs but they can also do all the furniture for your weapon and there are not any others in town that I have been to can do that as well.

So if you are a hunter or an true shooter then I suggest you get yourself acquainted with Stoney Mountain. They are also very friendly people and they will answer most any question you have and are willing to help with your problems.

I only wish I would have founds them 20 years ago I would have saved myself a lot of money and a lot of headaches. Good luck out the Sportsman & Shooters

Rodger M.

I heard about Stoney Mountain Gun Repair from a friend in AZ as I do winter here but am a resident of Green Bay Wisconsin. I am an avid hunter as well as a collector and my friend told me about Stoney Mountain about 7 years ago and that winter when I came to AZ I had 14 guns both long and hand guns in my car to take to them. I met with my friend and he took me down there from Sun City where I live in the winter and introduced me to both of the gunsmiths that are at Stoney Mountain which happen to be a father and son team. Both were very knowledgeable and helpful. I could not believe how friendly they both were and went out to my car with me and help me carry in all the weapons and as we went through them one by one the older gunsmith would tell me well this is the problem and this is what it will cost to fix and filled out the paper work and gave to me and when I ask them how much deposit they needed to start my work I was told nothing you pay when they are done. Three and a half weeks later I received a call from them stating that all my guns were ready to be picked up. Me an my friend again drove down from Sun City to pickup the guns and when we got there I was amazed that there was not five cents more on the bill than they had told me when I dropped them off.

Over the past 7 years each winter when I come to AZ I have a trunk full of guns and I go to Stoney Mountain and I am on a first name basis now with Jack the father and his son Brady, two very professional people and sure know how to repair guns. I would tell anyone that lives in AZ or even close to them don't hesitate to take you gun in for repairs or cleaning they do great work. I will see them again in October. Best dang gunsmiths I have ever seen.

Sam Wilkinson
Phone: 602-237-3117
Phoenix AZ 85009
835 N 43rd Ave. Suite 110